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Facilitating better results through creative collaboration

Noun & Verb unleashes creative collaboration within teams through design thinking and visual practices, helping organisations set goals.

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The companies you trust, trusts Noun & Verb in building strategic solution

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What is
Noun & Verb?

Noun & Verb facilitates creative collaboration through group thinking and visual practices, involving models and methodologies, which helps the team to meet objectives and bring solutions.

These solutions range from building collaborative vision for an organisation, to timelining action plans in order to take the next step forward.

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About us
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Who we are?

We are knowledge workers, coming from varied background related to design, facilitation, technology, illustration, graphics, engineering, events, infotainment etc. We bring necessary elements to collaborate, design, build, organise and run a design thinking session. We also capture the outputs through whitewalls, documentation, photographs, videos, print materials etc.

Our Services

We have varied end to end service and solution for your collaborative event


Design Thinking and Collaborative Sessions

“Right people, in the Right place channelled by Right facilitation”
to get an aligned solution.


Visual Thinking and Visual Practices

Bringing in Visual practices through visual narratives, which can simplify unstructured thoughts/plans/goals.


Setting up Facilitation Zone

Creating space that are dynamic and agile for the participants to work on and work with.


Output and Reportage

Documenting outputs of the session / event capturing all the details, and converting them in to a work report.


Design Thinking

You know in a room of hundred people planning to come to a solution on a complex problem, we would often hear many ideas that gets repeated and believed if carried forward will bring in effective results for future. Yes, we facilitate in getting those ideas live forward no matter how complex your organisation’s problems are.

We go by the statement “Right people, in the Right place channelled by Right facilitation”.

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Visual thinking and
Visual practices

Our visuals are worth a thousand words. Visuals are powerful ways to convey ideas, set goals and take plans forward, we help carry visual practices aligned to your process by embedding them in your Kanban methodology, scrum framework, sprint planning incorporating agility in work flow.

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation is creating a collaborative big picture, using graphics and visual materials to bring better ideas to the table, be it a board meeting or a large event, it employs simple elements like glyphs to complex materials like knowledge wall.

The beauty of Graphic facilitation lies in collaborative thoughts coming together in the form of graphical representation, which is owned by every single person in the room. Facilitation through visuals help explore possibilities in rolling out new strategies, setting value proposition, simplifying complex ecosystem and more.

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Live Scribing

Graphic Recording / live scribing is a part of graphic facilitation, where the conversation or discussion, which could be related to building strategy, setting goals, framing action plan or more - gets captured as a visual note. This is done live at the conference / meeting / event.

These materials serve as a journey map, or conversation flowchart to retain a better understanding for the group to view and proceed further with the discussion they had and decisions they made.

Content Illustration

We understand what we see more than what we hear. We all are born as right brainers and connecting with visuals takes us to the zone where we loosen up constrained thoughts and explore more possibilities. If this gets applied to your meeting, your graphs and ppts take a back seat, because our illustration will do all the talking.

Content illustrations are content modified as meaningful illustration, where your information / data is synthesised with storyboarding to create an impactful story line . This will help your clients connect with the concept adding a touch of experience to it.

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Explanatory Video

Having virtual conversation and creating the same impact we have in a board room or with a group of people could be challenging, which is where Explanatory video come to your rescue.

In this virtual world, explanatory videos are self-explanatory and serve as a great learning or knowledge material. We do explanatory videos starting from the scratch which includes scripting, draft - final illustration, animation, voice over, rendering and final output. With explanatory videos you can have self-explanatory presentations.

Visual Thinking Training/ Coaching

Visual thinking processes can help you with complex problems, narrowing them to simple solutions. Giving structure to your unstructured thoughts, providing insight on how you can start working visually at work as an individual, team and as an organisation. Our visual thinking programs imply visual techniques from scratch which in turn empowers our participants to frame clear goals and take the next right step.

We at Noun & Verb have courses planned for you to train your employees on embedding visual practices in your day today life, bring in unstructured ideas to life, through modules that would help you formulate story boarding, layout timelines, articulate mental models, and draw the big picture of your (or) your company’s vision.

Facilitation Zone

Creating an Innovative space eases your sense and helps people come up with, disruptive ideas. We help create such experiential facilitation zone, managing technology and content, installing dynamic furniture and elements for quick change in space if necessary and bringing a vibrant environment at your work space.

We help small start-ups to MNCs enjoy their work environment by creating space that are dynamic and agile for the participants to work on and work with. We bring in materials like white wall, digital boards, barcos, tetrix cubes, sticky notes, hypertiles, wall maps, hand maps, digital recorders to name a few in combination with wall murals that talks about the concept or ideology you preach in your facility


Output & Reportage

We document outputs of the session / event, capturing all the details, and converting them in to a work report in analog or digital format, which in future could be sent to the stakeholder or published in social platforms.

You can focus on your discussions and decision making. We will take care of the documentation and final work product that are valuable to you. One task you can checkout from your list, we will add it in ours.

Trusted by top-tier companies
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We think about our projects more than just deadlines & handovers

“Amazing Agalya!”,“What a skill", “Amazing visualizations”, “Great artistic work” “Powerful Images” ,“Brilliant  visuals”, “These graphics are super cool”, “Blown away by Agalya’s work”
“Soo happy!! Such a wonderful graphic recording!”
These are just a few comments from our attendees at the 2021 PMI South Africa Chapter PM Summit-The Year of Covid-19: Stories of Project Disruption, Learning, and Reimagining.  

Noun & Verb's graphic recording at the PM Summit captured the inner world of our project storytellers, expert exploration of the stories, and attendees’ questions and comments.   When we can shape visual images of our stories and ideas, these images enable us to focus and share a common understanding.  Noun & Verb’s visualization of our project stories  helped our attendees to connect with the speakers and the lessons, share a common experience, and develop empathy and connection-- the basis for collaboration.  Through Agalya’s graphic visualization, the PM Summit stories  and learnings will endure beyond time and space for our attendees.  
After all, a good story conjures up fantastic images and Noun & Verb is exceptional at creating visuals that creates connection.

Dr. Lynn A. Keeys

Chair, PMI South Africa Chapter PM Summit 2021

“ Agalya recorded for TEDxVail weekly during a series of conversations called “pause...COUNTDOWN COVID Clues, Climate Acts, Local Impacts.” Agalya’s insights were artistically alluring. Her expressions were clear and succinct. She then Xplained her recordings with kindness , revealing a complete understanding of the most salient points. Agalya delivered her pieces immediately so they could be shared with our guests to Xpand the reach of these learnings. I recommend Agalya with the most immense pleasure and gratitude “

Kat Haber

Architect of Collaboration in Vail Valley

“ I came across some impressive graphic illustrations by Agalya done for TEDxVail and engaged her to design and illustrate for my e-book 'Leadership in times of Crisis'. Agalya's work is creative and shows a unique ability to grasp ideas, understand the core message and translate the ideas into her graphic illustrations. She is also sincere and reliable and I would recommend her for her impressive work! ”

Sajeev Kumar Menon


“ Agalya is a pleasure to work with: meticulous, resourceful and pleasant even in the face of challenges. She effectively brought together a community of visual thinking and doing facilitators and made a huge success of the Power of Visuals Weekathon during Nov 22-28, 2020. Thank you for the learning opportunity that you have worked so hard to give to everyone. Thank you too for inviting me to speak on the Power of Visual Thinking in Business. My co-presenter, Ai Yat and I had an amazing time. “

Sherrie Low

Writer & Editor

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