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Power of Visual Thinking in Business

This workshop will take you through a journey on how to lead through visuals in business, as a manager, executive, senior leader, entrepreneur, scrum master, agile practitioner or other jobs you are engaged in, where you are dealing with your own judgements, aligning perspectives / ideas with others and sharing a common goal, building a vision with purpose.


We want everyone to see their world clearly, and learn to draw your thinking process. We would help you find where you fall in your visual thinking spectrum, introduce you to methodologies like swiss army knife, visual tool kit, visual science and its application. This workshop helps you get your equation right when it comes to your personal / professional / business platform. 

It would be a two day virtual workshop, with three hours of working session both days,at 7.30am (ET),1.30pm (CET), 5.00pm (IST) and 7.30pm (SGT) 

What you learn from this two days workshop
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